Peer Learning Institute

What do your managers get?

Just-in-time practical management techniques that they can use immediately.
Just what they need: proven management techniques
Just what is a good fit: techniques relevant to your organization
Just when they need it: when they are faced with a management challenge
Just what is practical: techniques they can apply immediately
Just where they need it: at your worksite, so it eliminates the time and cost of travel
Just how they need it: in two 90-minute sessions spaced 2-4 weeks apart

What does your organization gain?

A collaborative management team that responds in an effective and consistent fashion to management challenges.

  • Consistent managerial responses to similar situations
  • Assurance of effective management practices
  • Viable organization-appropriate options for handling management challenges
  • Positive manager/employee engagement
  • Collaboration experience
  • Group and meeting facilitation skills
  • Stronger management relationships
  • Enhanced peer to peer and manager to employee communication
  • Preserved organizational history and culture
  • Responsive change management