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EMGraphics LLC is a freelance web design studio specializing in eye-catching, fast and affordable web, logo and book cover design for small to medium-sized businesses. We provide everything from hosting and domain registration, creative one-of-a-kind designs, advice on content, coding, e-commerce, blogs, search engine optimization, and the content management systems (CMS)  WordPress.  Located in Madison, WI.

Clients include artists and photographers, retail shops, authors, consultantsplant nurseries and florists, educators, health care and everyone in-between. We have an eye for design and prices to suit your budget.

The Devil’s Advocate’s Guide to Planning Your Business Website now available.

Paperback | Kindle

The Devil's Advocate's Guide to Planning Your Business Website: Save yourself time, money and aggravationSave yourself time, money and aggravation. Do you need to build a business website, but don’t know where to start? Should you build it yourself or hire outside help? What information should your website contain? Who will be your target audiences? Will you sell products online? Blog? How do you choose a domain name and a host (and what are they?) The Devil’s Advocate’s Guide to Planning Your Business Website takes you from start to finish on creating your business website. It serves up a hearty helping of needs assessment questions, a side of advice and a soupçon of snarky anecdotes.

Hear a podcast interview with the author with Author’s Talk About It!

“The Devil’s Advocate Guide to Planning Your Business Website is not a computer or HTML manual, leaving such material to other, more technical resources. Instead, it is a “must-read” for any start-up business, regardless of whether the proposed website is to be created personally, internally, or with the aid of an outside professional. The “Devil’s Advocate” reference in the title alludes to an accessible, reader-friendly, and extensive tour of common pitfalls – website mistakes that can potentially cripple or destroy a business in today’s increasingly online-driven economy. Chapters discuss practical considerations to keep in mind when building, updating, and advertising one’s website. Highly recommended!”
-Wisconsin Bookwatch, Nov. 2015