Good Night, Door County

It is nighttime in Door County, Wisconsin. The crickets and frogs begin their nightly serenade, and the great horned owl soon joins in. Those sounds signal that it is bedtime for Charlie and his little sister, Ellie. They had a fun time in Door County, but when a new day dawns, it will be time to go home. Charlie cannot sleep until he says good night to all the wonderful places he has seen. But, can he stay awake long enough to do it? Each and every locale is worthy of a heartfelt goodbye that also says, “until we meet again.”

This delightful book is a love letter to the many spectacular sights in Door County. Beautifully illustrated by award-winning Wisconsin artist Aaron Boyd, the book is a celebration of Door County’s unique history and unparalleled beauty.

Charles Evenson, Good Night Door County

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