End of Life Alternatives

End of Life Alternatives – SE Wisconsin

End of Life Alternatives

Know your rights.
Understand your options.
Build something beautiful.

Modern funerals often cause more harm than good. Cold, sterile, and impersonal – our modern, outsourced death practices can deepen our grief rather than provide comfort. Conventional burial and cremation harm the environment.

But there are options. It is a little known fact that in Wisconsin (as in most states), families have the legal right to care for their own dead, with or without the assistance of a licensed funeral director. Natural burial allows us to return to the earth in an environmentally sustainable way. From this website, you will learn what you can do to create a personalized, powerful, sustainable end-of life experience for yourself and family members.

Built as a labor of love, End of Life Alternatives sells nothing. Our sole intention is to connect you to reliable information and local resources.