David B Bohl – Author, Speaker & Addiction Consultant

Who Is David B. Bohl?

First and foremost, David B. Bohl is a relinquishee and an adoptee. Professionally, he is an independent Addiction and Recovery Consultant at Beacon Confidential LLC, and he knows his business through and through having once been a consumer of mental health services. David has also recovered from Substance Use Disorder (he’s been sober from alcohol and tobacco for more than a decade). He holds a Master Addiction Counselor (MAC), and Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC) degrees.

In his volunteer work, David is also Mental Health Subcommittee Co-Chair to the National Association of Adoptees and Parents (NAAP), and an Advisory Board Member of Wisconsin Adoption and Permanency Support (WIAPS). He facilitates an Adoptee Paths for Recovery, a virtual support group for relinquishees and families desirous of, initiating, practicing, or supporting recovery.


Davd B Bohl