above the din

Above the Din Book Cover

Labar Laskie’s graphic memoir Above the Din begins the day she takes her first pills – Sovaldi + Olysio – the cure for her chronic hepatitis C. Drawing from old diary entries, news articles, and her own research, she recounts …

I Am Widow, Hear Me Roar

"I Am Widow, Hear Me Roar" not only portrays a widow’s grief journey with reflective prose and advice, but also cleverly entertains the reader with amusing dilemmas that a single mother and middle-aged woman often confronts

The Mystic Chaplain – My Story

This memoir is a whirlwind journey that takes you through the throes of fighting cancer to a mystical awakening of the metaphysical world, messages, visions, self-healing and synchronized events of people put on her path to understanding our oneness. Upon …

The Citizen Marine Book Cover

Living the Dream…in Every Climate and Place
Michael G. Wenger, CW04 USWCR (Ret)

The Citizen Marine is a story of the fragile balance between our service men and women’s love for home, family, and friends and the sense of duty …

Initiation of Hayden Caine: Book 2

Hayden Caine barely has a moment to recover from her battle with a demon (in The Spiritual Awakening of Hayden Caine: Book 1), before she is attacked by a leader of the dark forces battling to capture Earth and its …



Mosaic is a novel made up of many colorful pieces, bits of history taken out of time and assembled with heat and humor. It’s based on a true story, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent and …

Joyful U

Joyful U book cover

Discover what success and happiness mean to you.
Start living a rich, full, and meaningful life.
Set your compass to your own unique path of success and happiness.

Barbara Spang Minsker, Ph.D. – Joyful U