Bill Stokes – Journalist, Author & Fisherman

Bill Stokes is a retired journalist who wrote columns and feature articles for four different newspapers–including The Chicago Tribune, during a 35-year career. He was born and raised in northwestern Wisconsin, served three years in the Army Infantry—one in Korea, graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and began his career in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, thanks to Ed Gein, the grave-robbing “Psycho” murderer arrested in Plainfield, WI in 1957. The stellar handling of that sensational story by the then Stevens Point reporter earned him a job offer with the Milwaukee Sentinel, creating the reporting job that Bill then filled.

Bill subsequently worked at the Wisconsin State Journal in Madison and the Milwaukee Journal, before retiring in 1994 after eleven years at The Trib. His work has been compiled into a half dozen books, he has authored two children’s books, and written for national publications including Readers Digest, Outdoor Life and Sports Afield.

Bill’s first novel, Margaret’s War, is now available on his site.